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May 20, 2024
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  • We showcased the capabilities of our equipment, including the innovative Robot Coupe.
  • Attendees witnessed firsthand the efficiency of our juice extractors and vegetable cutters.
  • These demonstrations highlighted the precision and versatility of our tools, illustrating how they can streamline operations and enhance productivity in various culinary settings.
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Supply Basic Kitchen Necessities for Startup Business

May 20, 2024

[Supply Basic Kitchen Necessities for Startup Business]

  • We partner with Risda Entrepreneurs & KEJORA  to equip them with essential tools like freezers, chillers, gas stoves, kitchen cabinets, and deep fryers.
  • This collaboration aims to uplift local businesses by providing high-quality equipment.
  • Align with our vision of upgrading and transforming enterprises.
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One-To-One Training Service

Nov 24, 2023

[One-To-One Training Service]

Instead of sales service, Horeca Hub also dedicated to providing training sessions for individuals working in the industry, specifically focusing on how to handle equipment effectively. As shown in picture above, we had one-to-one training with chef @ Fives Hotel on how to use Unox Combi Oven. Here's a breakdown of what such training might entail:
  • Understanding Equipment: The training sessions would start with an overview of the various types of equipment commonly.
  • Safety Protocols: The training would cover safety protocols, including proper handling techniques, use of safety equipment (such as gloves and aprons), and procedures for dealing with emergencies like fires or equipment malfunctions.
  • Operational Procedures: Participants would learn the correct operational procedures for each piece of equipment, including how to turn it on and off, adjust settings, and perform routine maintenance tasks like cleaning and maintenance checks.
  • Troubleshooting: Training would include guidance on troubleshooting common problems and knowing when to seek assistance from maintenance or repair personnel.
  • Optimizing Performance: Training sessions would emphasize techniques for optimizing equipment performance, such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and maximizing output without compromising quality.

Overall, HORECA Hub's training sessions on equipment handling aim to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to operate equipment safely, efficiently, and effectively, ultimately contributing to the success of their establishments and the satisfaction of their customers. 

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Hotel - Kitchen Exhaust Installation

Nov 24, 2023

[Kitchen Exhaust Installation]

Horeca Hub managed the installation of ducting at the Five Star Hotel in Johor Bahru (JB). We assessed the kitchen layout, designed a customized ducting system, procured materials, and expertly installed the system. After rigorous testing, we provided staff training and ongoing support for optimal performance.

5 reason you need to install your kitchen ducting with Horeca Hub
  • Expertise: HORECA Hub specializes in kitchen ventilation solutions, ensuring expert assessment, design, and installation tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quality Assurance: With HORECA Hub, you're assured of top-notch materials and meticulous installation, guaranteeing a durable and efficient ducting system.
  • Compliance: HORECA Hub ensures compliance with local regulations, providing peace of mind that your ventilation system meets all safety and regulatory standards.
  • Efficiency: Their precise design and installation maximize airflow efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operational costs over time.
  • Support and Training: HORECA Hub offers staff training and ongoing support, empowering your team to operate and maintain the ducting system effectively for long-term performance.
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Setup Beverage Section For Convinient Store

Nov 24, 2023

[Setup Beverage Section For Convinient Store]
  • HORECA Hub is your one-stop solution for all freezer and chiller needs in convenience stores.
  • We offer a range of products including open chillers, single, double, and triple-door chillers, as well as island freezers.
  • Our services go beyond supply; we handle delivery, installation, and ongoing servicing.
  • With us, convenience store owners can rely on seamless operations, from acquiring equipment to maintaining optimal performance, ensuring customer satisfaction and business efficiency.
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Supply All Set Equipment for Hotel Dining Area

Nov 24, 2023

[Supply All Set Equipment for Hotel Dining Area]

  • HORECA Hub transforms hotel dining areas with comprehensive equipment solutions.
  • From induction cookers to cooking pots and complete dining ware including plates and cutlery, we provide everything needed for a seamless dining experience.
  • Our services cover supply, setup, and ongoing support, ensuring hotels can offer top-notch culinary experiences without hassle.
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